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DNA Insurance Premier Client Service

DNA Premier Client’s aim is to provide a 5-star service to our clients.

We understand that running a business can be very stressful and your time can be taken up running around with tasks rather than doing the most important thing; growing your business.

We want to give you one less thing to worry about.

We know you haven’t got the time to be passed about a call centre, spending your time stuck on hold listening to terrible music, then trying to explain yourself to someone who simply has not got the knowledge to service your specific needs.

We will provide a personal, bespoke service for you our client,

a professional service centered around clarity and transparency. We will not confuse you with lots of technical speak and jargon because we understand we’re dealing with real people with real businesses, who really just need to know we’ve got them covered should anything go wrong. For that reason we like to keep things plain and simple.

We start by understanding your business, what you do and what you need.

As a broker, we are able to give advice for the best products and services available and help you decide the cover which is necessary for your business. We will work hard to arrange the right insurance cover at the right price for you our client, to give you complete peace of mind so you can focus on what’s really important…growing your business.

We will guide you through every step of the process and explain everything to you clearly,

we can come out to see you, fill out forms with you, give you a dedicated account handler personal mobile number to call should you have any concerns or just need some help. We will support you in the unfortunate event of a claim and ensure you can continue running your business.

We will give you competitive terms, act on your behalf and support you at all times.

Call us to today to discuss your insurance needs on 01708 922 729