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Fleet Insurance

We are fleet insurance specialists and understand that businesses use vehicles for many different tasks, from pool vehicles to delivery vehicles. We can quote for many different types of fleets from new ventures, personal fleets, taxi fleets or established fleets. The first thing we will do is understand your business so that we are able to identify your business needs and requirements and accurately present your business to our panel of insurers. We will then negotiate with the insurers and come back with the best terms for the cover required.

You won’t just receive this service as a new customer as many brokers will work hard to offer you the best terms at new business but not at renewal. We will work hard for you at every stage and work for you, our client.

Some extra cover you may need is as follows:

  • Goods In Transit – covering items inside your vehicle
  • Portable Hand Tools – your tools and specialist equipment
  • Business Interruption – keeping you in business should the worst happen
  • Liability Insurance – covering negligence against a member of the public
  • Motor Insurance – the essential cover for your business

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